Web Development Portfolio

I am a Front-End developer by day and do freelance work on the side sometimes. The sites below are just a small selection of freelance sites that I’ve built over the years.

Languages & Libraries

  • HTML – including SEO and ADA Optimization
  • Javascript, backbone.js, vue.js, node.js/express, jQuery
  • CSS/SCSS – including webpack builds and grunt
  • PHP
  • Liquid

Platforms & Technologies

  • WordPress, Shopify
  • Git cli, GitLab, BitBucket, Beanstalk
  • Docker, Kubernetes
  • JIRA, Monday, Slack
  • Postman, Insomnia
  • Photoshop, Sketch


Bazz Entertainment

Bazz Entertainment offers DJ’s and musicians for all occasions. This site was built with a fully custom lead capturing system that allows visitors to enter their information in return for getting an auto-generated estimate for their wedding reception. In addition to the design, I also offered logo design services and business card design.


National Forecaster

This site allows members to register, sign in to their profile and compete with other members in “forecasting contests”. Members can also chat on each others profiles or in the forums. The forums, powered by Simple Machines, is fully integrated into the main site with login/out only needed once. Some main features are:

  • Custom registration and login system
  • Email registration verification
  • Member profile posting capability
  • “Add colleagues” feature
  • Fully automated meteorology verification system
  • Automated text message reminder system


McNamara Construction

McNamara Construction provides the Binghamton, NY area with services like major renovation as well as new residential construction. They needed a website not just to be discoverable online but to be able to feature their work and allow prospective clients reach out to them through the website for more information. This simple site built on wordpress meets those needs nicely.


Elati Wedding Photography

Denver-based Elati Wedding Photography came to me looking for an updated site that kept both aesthetics and SEO in mind to help them in their competitive market. The site features a responsive design as well as photo galleries and a full-width background image slider to show off some of their best work.


Upper Saddle River Softball

With information for players on the front-end and management tools for coaches on the back-end, the idea for this softball league website was to go paperless. Paperless registration, paperless payment and no hand-typed team rosters. This site does all of that. On the back-end managers can create teams, appoint coaches, retrieve player/parent info, schedule games, send text-message game cancellations and updates and upload photos while dynamically creating photo galleries. Some more features include:

  • Dynamic creation of homepage updates
  • PayPal registration integration
  • Twitter feed showing updates
  • Automatically create new gallery and cover photo when uploading photos
  • Easy to use drag and drop photo uploading

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