My Life Until Now (abridged)

Hi I’m Pat McNamara. I’m 24. I’m unemployed. I live at home. I guess you can infer from the previous two sentences that I am also single. What more reason does a guy need to start a blog? Life has certainly been better but I really can’t complain. I made this blog as a means to share any thoughts, tips or knowledge with anyone who would care to hear it. I am particularly interested in technology, sports, science, meteorology, music, movies and….the internet. Before I get into any of these topics I wanted to quickly tell you about my life.

The Early Years

I was born July 2nd 1988 to Tim and Ellen on Long Island, NY. When I was four my brother Dan was born. I lived in Freeport until the age of five when we moved to Rockland County. I attended (and wore a tie to) Sacred Heart elementary from kindergarten to eighth grade. During that time I played one season of soccer, one season of street hockey, three seasons of PAL basketball and about six seasons of baseball. When I was 10 my brother Chris was born. I was an average student that loved the outdoors and weather and became pretty skilled with a frisbee. If there was even a slight chance of snow or of a snow day I would be glued to the Weather Channel for hours.

High School

I went to Don Bosco Prep in Ramsey, NJ with 14 (out of 25) guys from elementary school. Yes, it was an all boys high school. I practiced with the football team the whole pre-season but knew I was too small to get any play time (especially since I would’ve been among four future NFL players). I was tired of baseball and didn’t try out so I was left with….ultimate frisbee. I got the club re-started and by senior year I was the captain. It doesn’t sound like a sport to most but it requires as much running as soccer. I was in the outdoors club and the art club but other than that I didn’t do too much. I picked up guitar around freshman year and played on and off throughout high school. During junior year I considered architecture as a career path for a while since I liked drawing and building things but I never really thought of turning my passion for weather into a career. After doing some research I was sold. I wanted to be a meteorologist.


Even though it doesn’t sound like it, I got into my first choice school…SUNY Albany. You can’t beat the in-state tuition. Freshman year was pretty tough but I got in a groove and started crossing off the hard classes on my list. Even though my degree was atmospheric science (not broadcast meteorology) I was still able to get some experience in front of a green screen for the student TV channel. In my free time I was often hiking or playing tennis. In the spring of senior year I had an idea for a website. Within a few weeks I built a computer and started to teach myself how to make a website since I was flat broke. After a few revisions and more than a thousand hours of coding/debugging/improving later, is still chugging along. Months before graduation I was applying to any job I could but had no success. After going to a career night I was able to get an interview at a renewables company called AWS Truepower right there in Albany. I landed the job and before I knew it my college years were over.

The “Real” World

Within two weeks of graduating I moved back home, found a cramped last minute apartment in Albany, drove to Rochester then Binghamton, Washington D.C., Cape Lookout, NC, the Great Smokey Mountains, TN, then home then moved back to Albany to start the new job. I was worried those two weeks were going to be my last “free” weeks before starting a never-ending career. I think I made good use of them. Anyway I started my job as an intern and soon became a “Meteorology Analyst” analyzing wind conditions all around the world to find suitable locations for wind turbines. I liked the job and even more I loved the people I worked with. Once 2012 came our work dropped off to almost nothing. Early June 2012 I finally upgraded to a new, more spacious apartment. Just one month later, thanks to a congressional hold-up of the resigning of an energy bill, 25% of the company, including myself, were laid off. Nice. Just moved into a new apartment and signed a new lease. I “worked” for two more weeks, found a replacement for my apartment and moved back home.

The Unreal World

I’ve applied to tons of jobs but never even landed an interview. I considered changing career paths but I am trying to stick to what I know. I started getting into web design more and made a site for a friend, then this blog and now I have another site is in the works. Maybe I’ll start my own web design business I don’t know. I lost my job almost six months ago and here I am still sitting at home, writing a blog post at 3:29am on a Sunday. At least it’s not Monday.

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